associació de músics 

del carrer i del metro 

de barcelona

AMUC BCN Imagine

AMUC BCN Imagine cover in solidarity with the members of the collective.

This project started during the first days of confinement because of the COVID 19, the March of the 2020. A time of  uncertainty, for which we were not prepared and that stopped suddenly all our artistic activity.
At the beginning,  the emergency team of AMUC BCN thought at making a special gift in shape of song with the will to support our partners in the community, at a context of alarm and unprecedented social pressure. Over time, the idea got another approach and got a new solidarity meaning for all the association. That was aa a consequence of the selection of the song that we chose:  ‘Imagine’ from John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which is tightly bound with the event of the September of the 2017, where AMUC BCN gathered near one quarantine of musicians of the community in order to homage the victims of the attacks of August at Barcelona’s Ramblas.

We sang three songs and Imagine was one of them, with a great acceptance of the audience.
So, if we elected this song as a universal hymn of solidarity, hope and peace, we think that now is the right moment to immortalize it all  with this video, that collects footage of that homage and, besides, give him a new real value of solidarity.
We hope that you like the proposal and give a warning call at the citizenry and give aid to the most vulnerable partners of this anomalous situation. The whole collection will devote at a plan of emergency, and aid for the most damaged members in our association.
We will return  soon at the corridors of the metro, streets and Barcelona parks, this city that we love so much and that we will  return to illuminate with our music and our arts!
Thank’s a lot.

Donations at: Ref. I imagine, CaixaBank ES08 2100 0639 0102 0028 4880

AMUC BCN, association of the musicians of the street and Barcelona underground.
Barcelona, at 22 of May of the 2020

PD. In spite of all the technical impediments because of the confinement and the distance, this project has been recorded with all the illusion and professionalism at our scope.

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