associació de músics 

del carrer i del metro 

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playing in the metro

playing in the metro

What can you do to participate?

We firmly believe that anyone that wants to play their music underground, should get a chance to do so. So a continuation we explain what you can do if you are interested in becoming a member of this association.

Each year TMB celebrates suitability tests, that is, external tests where a jury totally oblivious to us decides whether the music of the participating artists is fitted to be performed in the space of the metro stations.

These tests are usually done at the beginning of the year when the number of active members falls from a certain number. We will announce on our website when the date of the next tests will be.

On the other hand, to avoid any bureaucracy, an alternative was created which is to become an invited artist. So, if someone is passing through Barcelona and wants to play, they don’t need to wait to past the TMB suitability test. In this case, you must first appear at the biweekly meeting and present yourself.

If you wish, you can write to us at and we will advise you.

Suitability test

Since this test has been a difficult issue to manage, we would like to explain why it was decided to carry out a suitability test.

At the beginning of the century, the problem arose of how to recognize ourselves as artists, since in the world of music there is a high percentage of people who are self-taught and come from informal didactic backgrounds. The reasoning was: if we want to create a collective of musicians, how can we decide who is and who isn’t? In a clear determination of quality above quantity.

The answer that was given at the time was to call an independent jury, professors from a music school of Barcelona, people who had nothing to do with our project and agreed not to participate in it.

The test consists of playing two or three fragments of a list of about twenty topics presented by the applicant. It is done in this way to guarantee variety as to be able to play two hours without repeating songs. The only criterion is that it is pleasant to listen, taking into account the acoustic characteristics of the metro corridors. In short, it is minimally adjusted to the particular suburban ecosystem of the Barcelona metro.